Where are my hands?

Many first-time VR users often ask this question. While the sights and sounds of VR/AR are truly compelling, we are reminded that it is only a simulation the moment we realize we cannot use our hands. Like using a computer without a mouse, virtual reality falls short without a sense of touch. For the first time, VRgluv gives you the ability to see, use, and feel your hands in virtual reality, introducing experiences that you never knew were possible.

Engineered to feel real

VRgluv combines cutting-edge technology to give you the most immersive hands-on VR/AR experiences ever. With high-fidelity tracking and force feedback in each finger, you can now see, feel, and use your hands in VR just as you do in real life.

High-Fidelity Finger Tracking

VRgluv offers precise finger and hand tracking that allows you to move and use virtual hands as if they were your own. Our tracking system is enclosed within each glove, and they integrate wirelessly into your current Vive or Oculus setup.

Full Force Feedback

Force feedback allows you to feel virtual reality in your hands by recreating the shape of any object and physically stopping your fingers. With VRgluv, every interaction in VR feels unique, accurate, and real creating an experience that you may forget is virtual.

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Compatible with Vive and Oculus Touch

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