Get a grip on your VR simulations

VRgluv makes haptic gloves for virtual reality built to break down the barriers between you and your virtual environment and immerse you in it.

VRgluv combines precision hand tracking and force feedback technologies to seamlessly transport virtual objects right into your hands.

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Making VR Interaction Natural

What does VRgluv do?

virtual pair of hands

Virtualize Your Hands

Wear VRgluv to see your hands in virtual reality with every motion of your fingers precisely captured to make your experience instantly more lifelike and intuitive

VRgluv gripping virtual wrench with force feedback haptics

Feel Every Interaction

Touch and hold virtual objects to experience a wide range of haptics including strong force feedback that provides up to 5lbs of force at multiple locations on your fingers

pair of VRgluv haptic gloves

Move Freely in VR

VRgluv's wireless and lightweight design allows you to move freely in your virtual environment without the frustration of controllers, large exoskeletons or cables

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Infinite Possibilities

Applications in virtual reality training

VR allows us to experience things in first-person that would otherwise be impossible due to geographical, physical, and cost limitations. Learning how to perform tasks is more efficient in VR because users are able to practice the procedure in first-person and experience higher levels of beneficial stress than other training methods like classroom, videos, and online courses. VR training also allows trainees to familiarize themselves with expensive and dangerous equipment up-close before ever touching the real thing. Commercial VR headsets are easy to use and widely available, making virtual reality training an exciting new pathway to optimal operational readiness.





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