Improving how we interact in virtual reality

"VRgluv is about leveraging computing technology like humans have never done before. It's about reaching out and interacting directly with the virtual space to form a more familiar connection with the simulation. If you think about it, our hands are both our greatest environmental sensors as well as tools for building, helping us adapt in new environments. We developed haptics to fully immerse you in VR, so you can forget about the hardware you're wearing and be completely integrated with your virtual surroundings. With your hands in the game, you can focus on what you're actually doing, not what button to push or which awkward hand gesture to make. Now, you can just reach out and do it."
-Derek Kearney, CTO


From startup to government contractor

"VRgluv is a startup founded in 2017 by a group of virtual reality enthusiasts and product engineers in Atlanta, GA. Since then, our company has been engaged with many enterprise, military and medical professionals interested in using our technology. We are currently developing customized integrations and solutions for a variety of enterprise and government organizations with the goal of helping them save lives, time and money through enhanced hands-on VR training and other applications."
-Chris Taylor, CEO

Based in Atlanta, GA, USA

Leadership Team

Chris Taylor
Chief Executive Officer
Georgia Tech
Derek Kearney
Chief Technology Officer
Steven Fullerton
Chief Marketing Officer
Georgia Tech

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