Force FEedback Haptic Gloves for VR

VR interaction the way it's meant to be

No more controllers. No more vibration gloves. Experience virtual reality as you were born to, with natural interaction and a powerful sense of touch.

Shipping to US Customers Begins August 2020

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Infinite VR Possibilities

Designed to deliver immersive hands-on experiences in any VR application

VR Training

Perform hands-on tasks in VR naturally and with a realistic sense of touch to make your training scenarios more effective across your organization.

VR Training



Recreate real-world interactions in VR and deliver more compelling experiences to your end users.




Pioneer new VR applications and be the first to explore new opportunities in immersive technologies and haptics.




Interact with your environment, objects and people just like you do in real life-- directly with your hands. VRgluv ENTERPRISE Haptic Gloves give you full control of your hands in VR, unlocking a wide variety of new interactions, experiences and gestures that feel like they're supposed to thanks to patented Force Feedback technology. Best of all, they're available to order right now.

Features & Technology

Patented technology inspired by the human body

Powerful Force Feedback Haptics, Ultra-reliable Hand Tracking, All in a Pair of Compact, Wireless Gloves

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Feel real forces, not vibration

These are the most powerful haptics in the game. VRgluv patented technology generates up to 10 pounds of active Force Feedback on each finger to simulate the size, shape, stiffness and impact of any virtual object. Integrated force sensors measure your fingers’ resistance and allow you to manipulate hard and soft objects with human-like touch.

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Absolute control & motion capture

VRgluv’s hand and finger tracking technology provides the most accurate and reliable motion capture experience on the market. Our patented tracking system does not rely on external cameras, drifting IMUs or damaged flex sensors and is easily calibrated in under 10 seconds. Each finger features 3 DoF tracking including lateral tracking and individual joint motion capture.

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Compact & Wireless GLOVES

No wires, no problem

Low-latency Bluetooth wireless sends and receives both hand tracking and haptic data. Swappable batteries allow you to remain in VR for extended periods of time without having to take off your gloves. No exoskeletons means you can retain your real-world dexterity. In VR, you may even forget you're wearing them.

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Compatible with the industry standards

Don't see yours listed? VRgluv is compatible with many more headsets. Contact Sales to get in touch with an expert.

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VRgluv SDK

Develop your own haptic interactions in VR with ease. With plugins for Unreal Engine 4, Unity and Steam VR, you can create infinite touch-powered experiences for any application.

Physics-Based Interactions

The VRgluv SDKs utilize the PhysX engine to allow you to rapidly prototype interactions or create haptic surfaces anywhere in your environment.

COMMON Interactions Library

Use scripts built by our team to quickly apply common interactions to your 3D objects or choose from our library of pre-scripted objects.

Custom Scripting

Leverage the full potential of the VRgluv hardware and build your own haptic interactions from scratch (C# or C++), and push the limits of haptics on your own.

-Individual finger joint angles
-Lateral/splay finger tracking
‍-Force sensors on each finger
-Active Force Feedback
-Dynamic Force Feedback

Tech Specs

Compare VRgluv ENTERPRISE to other industry solutions

Hand Tracking Technology
Hand Tracking DoF
Tracking Accuracy & Latency
Haptic Technology
Force Feedback Specs
Pressure Sensing
Batteries & Power
Headset Compatibility
Manus Prime II Data Gloves
BeBop Forte Data Gloves
HaptX Tethered Gloves
Sense Glove
VR Controllers
Pricing not available
Pricing not available
$260 - 299
Patented finger tracking
Flex sensors and IMUs
Flex sensors and IMUs
Magnetic Finger Tracking
Exoskeleton Kinematics, IMUs
Physical buttons & Capacitive touchpads
3 DoF fingers incl. lateral movement, 5 DoF thumb,
28 DoF total
2DoF per finger
1DoF per finger
6DoF per finger
Total 23 DoF per hand
Varies between 0-2 DoF per finger
Sub-millimeter accuracy, <10ms latency
Not available
Not available
Sub-millimeter accuracy, "fast response time"
Not available
Active, Dynamic Force Feedback plus added vibration
Vibration via Linear Resonance Actuators (LRAs)
Vibration via Linear Resonance Actuators (LRAs)
Microfluidic Tactile Display, Passive Force Feedback
Passive Force Feedback, Vibration
Vibration, mechanism varies
Max 10 lbs force @ 2 Force Zones per finger
Max 4 lbs force @ 1 Force Zone per finger
Max 2 lbs @ 1 Force Zone per finger, total 9 lbs per hand
Bluetooth Wireless
Bluetooth Wireless
Bluetooth Wireless
Tethered to external console
Tethered to external console
Bluetooth Wireless
Rechargeable, Swappable Batteries
Rechargeable, Swappable
Li-Po Batteries
not available
Requires external console and air compressor
Not available
Integrated rechargeable batteries OR replaceable AA batteries
Vive, Vive Pro, Oculus Quest & Rift, WMR, Valve Index & more...
Vive, Vive Pro, Oculus Rift, Windows Mixed Reality
Vive, Vive Pro, Oculus Quest & Rift, WMR, Valve Index
Vive, Vive Pro, Oculus Rift, Windows Mixed Reality, Valve Index
Vive, Vive Pro, Oculus Rift S, Valve Index
Compatibility varies per headset
SteamVR, Unity, Unreal Engine
SteamVR, Unity
SteamVR, Unity, Unreal Engine
SteamVR, Unity, Unreal Engine
Information not available
SteamVR, Unity, Unreal Engine
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"The haptic feedback, the weight simulation, and the resistance of the virtual objects were all pretty realistic and to this day my brain believes that what we did was true and not a virtual simulation."
Cathy Hackl
VR Futurist & Contributor, Forbes
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To show the value of what you have to offer, why not let your happy customers do the talking? It's a simple but powerful tool for establishing trust...
Thomas Lee
Marketing Lead, Oculus
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