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     Welcome back to the VRgluv blog! This week we're going to dive right into the main course and go over all the features of the VRgluv ENTERPRISE and why you should care about them.  I'll define some of the key elements of haptics and why it matters for you and your customers.
     In the real world you put your shoes on and take the steps that become your day. In the metaverse you put your gloves on and feel the future.  It all starts with the setup: get in and get going. It needs to be fast.  No getting hung up on cables, charging a dead battery, or fumbling through the setup. That's why ENTERPRISE is fully WIRELESS with SWAPPABLE BATTERIES and BLUETOOTH connectivity. The first time you put the gloves on you get calibrated in less than a minute and never have to bother calibrating again. Don't worry about losing your calibration either; our sensors don't drift or get thrown off by other electronics.  Our elegant design, with no tethers, wrist mounts, or backpacks, keeps your focus on the experience instead of feeling weighed down by bulky equipment.     

     Now you're in, and now you can see and feel your hands and fingers in their new digital form.  Our RELIABLE FINGERTRACKING technology is occlusion free, meaning our high-fidelity tracking continues even when you can’t see your hands.  We’re tracking over a thousand unique positions for every finger and updating 100 times per second. Every movement is captured and brought with you into the metaverse. Move your real hand and your virtual hand will follow.  Make a gesture, interact with a tool, or just play around and have fun. Use your hands just as you normally would and return to the real world with a whole new set of skills. Learn, train, and practice inside a fully digital environment that you can program and build to fit your specific needs.

     Its all about the IMMERSION.  Keep going down that rabbit hole and see just how deep it goes.  It’s not just about being able to see and use your hands, it’s also about how your hands feel and the utility they provide in this new world of opportunity.  Haptics allow you to feel more than just air or the grip of a controller.  No more constant reminder that the virtual world is just a hologram without form.  Custom haptic pads on the tips of your fingers push back to simulate the sensation of contact.  Now that we’ve made contact, we add force to provide presence not just for you, but everything around you.   

     Haptics is an umbrella term for artificially generated feedback from a digital source. When we talk about haptics, we are focused on recreating the sensations of touch needed to trick the brain into believing something is there when it is not.  FORCE FEEDBACK takes that one step further and restricts you from closing your hand around the digital object, handle, or tool.  Feel the difference in object shape and size and further convince your brain that the simulation is real.  I’m not talking about a little bit of resistance here or there, I’m talking about 100lbs of stopping power spread over 20 contact points on your hands!  DYNAMIC and VARIABLE force feedback means these feelings can change over time to simulate more complex sensations like torque, stiffness, and motion.

This is just a sampling of what it is like to truly bring your hands into the metaverse.  Follow our blog for more as we go even deeper into haptic technology and the metaverse. If you are wondering if your idea or application would benefit from haptic gloves, please reach out!

Derek Kearney
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