VRgluv Advances to SBIR Phase II with US Air Force

VRgluv was awarded an SBIR Phase II contract from the United States Air Force to further develop their haptic glove technologies for military and commercial customers.

After a successful pitch at the AFWERX RSO Pitch Day in San Francisco, the Air Force awarded VRgluv with an SBIR Phase II contract. Over the course of the next year, VRgluv will deliver state-of-the-art VR training simulations that feature VRgluv’s proprietary haptic glove technology to the United States Air Force. For the first time, airmen will be able to train various tasks in VR and use their hands to interact directly with their virtual environments, which includes haptics. VRgluv will let airmen concentrate on learning the task at hand, not learning how to use VR controls.

While wearing a virtual reality headset, VRgluv tracks users’ hands in 3D and provides realistic touch sensations to trainees’ fingers using Force Feedback technology. The result is a heightened sense of immersion for the trainees which directly leads to better understanding and improved retention of interactive VR training content.

“We are excited that the Air Force sees the value of our technology. We believe that by ditching the controllers and bringing our hands into the virtual world, we have unlocked countless new applications for VR, especially within the training and simulation domain,” says Derek Kearney, CTO of VRgluv.


The next available opportunity for a public demo of VRgluv's haptic gloves will be at I/ITSEC 2019 including the VRgluv Booth, #1273. Contact us to schedule a demo.

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