Launch a Pilot Program / R&D Project

VRgluv works with leading enterprise, government and virtual reality companies to co-develop realistic simulations with our haptic glove technology. Whether you're interested in deploying a custom hands-on training module or to evaluate VRgluv for your cutting-edge application, we are here to support your efforts.

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1. Develop

Need help getting started? Our team of experienced developers will help you get up and running in no time.  We work with your team to develop a custom integration for your VR application that will allow you to use our haptic gloves to seamlessly touch and interact with your virtual environment.

Don't have an exiting VR application? Our development team can create a new hands-on application to your specification and requirements.

2. Demonstrate

When the integration is complete, our team will provide live, hands-in demonstrations of your newly upgraded VR application to your desired audience.

We also create videos that you can use to market your cutting-edge application to more stakeholders around the world.

3. Evaluate

After experiencing your VR application with VRgluv, it's time to prove the effectiveness of your haptic experiences. Whether you're using our services to secure your next round of funding or as a marketing tool, we can provide the necessary documentation to help you move forward to a larger scale deployment.