VRgluv Features

VRgluv is the first haptic glove to combine full force feedback, pressure sensing, and finger tracking all in a compact and comfortable package.


Full Force FEedback

Force feedback allows you to feel virtual objects in your hand. When you touch an object in virtual reality, our haptic glove recreates the shape of the object in your hand. With VRgluv, every object interaction in virtual reality can now feel unique, accurate, and real. With VRgluv, you can now feel a baseball rolling off your fingertips or the handle of the bat in your hands. Our virtual reality glove can enhance every VR experience and interaction and take them to the next level.

Pressure Sensing

We took haptic gloves a step further and included force sensors each each finger to give real-time feedback about grip strength for more immersive virtual reality experiences. Now, you can actually feel the difference between hard and soft objects. Crush, morph, squish, and interact with objects in virtual reality in a way that only VRgluv can.

Finger Tracking

Our first step in creating an immersive haptic glove experience was accomplishing high-fidelity finger and hand tracking. Our glove's finger tracking system is simple, elegant, and accurate. We also positioned the controller attachment point on your hand, allowing for full rotational wrist tracking in addition to finger tracking. Your virtual hands will always match the position and orientation of your entire hand with extremely high accuracy. VRgluv allows your gaming experiences to be endlessly more interactive, immersive, and natural.


Compact and Comfortable

VRgluv is the only virtual reality haptic glove with variable force feedback, force sensing, and full finger and hand tracking located entirely on the glove itself. The gloves are also adjustable for a variety of hand sizes. There are no necessary gauntlets, arm braces, or unsightly wires required to use VRgluv, giving you more freedom and flexibility than ever before. Our glove fits the most technology possible into a package that will not affect your gaming stamina.




VRgluv is compatible with all high-end VR headset systems. Our interchangeable controller feature allows you to switch from one VR system to another in a matter of seconds.




Oculus Rift


We love the VR developer community. The VRgluv SDK allows developers access to create their own experiences and integrations with our hardware. We are constantly in contact with developers to create as much interactive VRgluv content as possible.