Features & Technology

Real-time Hand Presence

Precision Hand and Finger Tracking

Watch as your virtual hands match each motion of your real hands. Our tracking technology is occlusion and drift free and offers unmatched accuracy and precision to match the natural movements of your hands and fingers.

Multi-DoF finger tracking
Capture each movement of your fingers
Lightning fast (~10ms)
Virtual hands are displayed in near real-time
Simple startup and calibration
VRgluv understands your hands and starts tracking them in seconds, not minutes
Feel Every Interaction

Powerful Force Feedback Technology

When you pick up or touch a virtual object with your fingers, VRgluv pushes back on them with a strong force to mimic the object's shape, size and stiffness.

5 lbs strong force per finger
Strong enough to simulate the most rigid of objects
2 haptic zones per finger
Forces applied to more than just your fingertips
Dynamic, variable force sensations
Feel the difference between interacting with rigid, soft, and moving objects with additional haptics
vrgluv gripping virtual sphere with force feedback haptics
No Exoskeletons or Wires Required

Wireless and Ruggedized Design

Experience the freedom to move around your virtual environment and train with as much or as little intensity as your job requires.

Bluetooth wireless connectivity
Just as easy to connect as VR controllers
Battery powered & rechargeable
No need to be plugged into anything while training
High strength, Low weight
Reinforced fabrics and a durable build are lightweight, yet sturdy
pair of vrgluv haptic gloves
Compatible VR Tracking Systems
HTC Vive
Windows Mixed Reality

Enhance Your VR Training

Start a VRgluv Pilot Program

Interested in using VRgluv for your new or existing VR training application? We are currently offering hands-on integration services to select companies and organizations.

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