Designed in a dark corner of an Atlanta warehouse...

What happens when you lock a team of engineers and VR freaks in a warehouse with only a few computers, a 3D printer, some electronics, and an idea for an extended amount of time? In our case, they handed us VRgluv. 

Inspired by innovation, invention, and a few loose bolts, a team of product engineers stumbled upon an interesting thought for a project. What seemed like a pipedream at first, VRgluv has been fueled since day one by a need to prove that it could be done. That itch to experiment, discover, and fascinate never went away, and now, VRgluv is ready to be shared with the world.

Engineering Team

Chris Taylor, Chief Executive Officer

Georgia Institute of Technology - Mechanical Engineering

Chris is a gaming and VR enthusiast who has taken part in a handful of different ventures in the past decade. Since winning the Inventure Prize at Georgia Tech in 2013, Chris has developed both hardware and software for VR applications including obtaining a patent for his Narvarro3D technology which allows users to control a robotic vision system from anywhere in the world. Chris has also worked as a product engineer and designer with Kickr Design since 2015. He has had a vision that has served as the inspiration for VRgluv and drives the team to push its limits. Chris enjoys getting lost in Elite Dangerous in his free time.

Addison Shelton, Executive Chairman

Stanford University - Mechanical Engineering

Addison is the founder and head of engineering for VRgluv’s sister company Kickr Design. After leading various competition teams at Stanford, Addison became a master of mechanical engineering and was picked up by Apple out of college to assume a lead role in their manufacturing operations for the original iMac retina display. He has since worked as the founding engineer for various companies in the solar manufacturing & battery industries as well as launched his own successfully crowdfunded hardware company. Addison’s favorite VR experience is Budget Cuts.

Derek Kearney, Chief Technology Officer

California Institute of Technology - Mechanical Engineering

University of California San Diego - Mechanical Engineering

Derek represents the west coast within VRgluv as he obtained both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in California. After joining the Kickr engineering team in 2016, it did not take long to recognize Derek’s ability to design, build, and iterate through prototype versions in virtually no time at all. Need something whipped up? Well he already did it… yesterday. Derek has naturally assumed the role of leading the VRgluv hardware team to many successful prototypes and features. Aside from designing new products, Derek enjoys playing Arizona Sunshine in VR.


Steven Fullerton, Chief marketing officer

Georgia Institute of Technology - Materials Science & Engineering

Steven leads the communications and marketing efforts for VRgluv. He first got involved with the team as the first intern hire at Kickr Design when the company was founded in 2015. Since then, he has been directly involved with Kickr Design’s growth marketing and business development, and he manages VRgluv’s messaging, communications, and branding elements. With his background in materials science, he also supports Kickr and VRgluv in making materials and manufacturing design choices. Steven enjoys hanging out with Reggie Watts in AltSpaceVR.