Welcome to 2022!

     Welcome to the VRgluv Blog! This is the first entry of many into to our official VRgluv blog where you will get to hear from members of our team on a variety of topics about the metaverse, VR training, and how we will interact with the metaverse and virtual worlds in the future. We envision this as a place where our customers and others can come and learn some of our hard-won lessons over the past 5 years about interactions in VR/AR/XR as well as give us a place to record our vision for the future of digital interaction.
 “Let’s go invent tomorrow rather than worrying about what happened yesterday"
- Steve Jobs
     Here at VRgluv we decided to post this blog on the day when CES 2022 was to begin. We take inspiration from the great inventors of our times as often seen at CES. Further, I believe the quote from Steve Jobs above exemplifies the startup spirt and is a good lesson as we kick off a new year with kindness& optimism and looking forward to brighter days while not being mired in the past.

     We’ve talked to some of our existing customers recently about their experience of using VRgluv over the past several months and what the gloves brought to their organization. 

     During our discussions one word kept coming up.  Innovation.  Once they were able to get the gloves within their organization and begin deploying them with their VR trainers, they began to radically rethink what was possible in VR. They said they would never think about VR the same way again. The gloves enable them to be at the cutting edge of VR training and the coming metaverse. The gloves are enabling them to think creatively and in new ways about how they interact with the virtual world. Their developers can train things that are not possible with just controllers. The level of detail they can build into their interactions has caused a serious mind shift in the types of training they can deploy with our gloves over standard VR controllers. The gloves are enabling more detailed interactions as well as providing higher quality training with more retention and more engagement from the end-users. 

     A good way to think about how gloves differ from standard controllers is to look at how most training environments implement things like turning a wrench or pushing a button. In controller-based trainers, you will usually see what we call point and click training. The trainee will be asked to complete a task and because of the limited nature of controllers, they will simply point the controller at the wrench and click which will trigger an animation of the wrench flying over and undoing the bolt. This is going against the whole point of having the training in VR in the first place. You have turned a full 3d interactive world into another passive training experience. 

     Now imagine that same interaction with VRgluv. 

     With VRgluv the user will pick up the wrench and physically go through the experience /motion of undoing the bolts or will reach out and physically push the button and feel the button click. Gloves enable VR training to be what is supposed to be, a fully interactive analog for the real world. Gloves allow VR training to be better hands-on training that can be experienced any place, anytime, anywhere in the world & beyond! The trainee engages with the training and builds real muscle and procedural memory instead of passively watching an animation play.
What do you need to implement VRgluv into your training experiences?

    1. A computer capable of running VR (you probably already have that)
    2. A VR headset (you should have it, just saying)
    3. At least one person who knows how to make VR content
    4. A pair of VRgluv ENTERPRISE (Shipping now!)
     We have seen some amazing work from our customers and know we are just beginning to scratch the surface of what is possible with the gloves. As we continue to deliver more gloves, we know the possibilities will only grow and the future of how we interact with the digital world is very bright! If you would like to discuss or brainstorm with us on how gloves can enable your VR training please reach out, we would be glad to talk to you! You can find us via our contact form here! 
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     We hope you enjoyed our first post, and we will be bringing you many more posts from more members of our team throughout the year, so stay tuned! 

Thanks for reading and Happy New Year 2022!! 

Chris Taylor
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